A Shock of Corn by Jonny Griffiths


A novella to be published online, one chapter a week,
hopefully in time for each Wednesday morning throughout 2014.

Job 5:26
Thou shalt come to thy grave in a full age,
like as a shock of corn cometh in in his season.

King James Bible

Chapter 1: The Big Question (posted Tuesday 11th February, 2014)
Chapter 2: The Ashes? You Bet (posted Thursday 20th February, 2014)
Chapter 3: Hasta La Vista, Barista (posted Monday 24th February, 2014)


Chapter 4: Earl Grey and the Queen (posted Monday 31st March, 2014)
Chapter 5: Womb, Sweet Womb (posted Tuesday 4th March, 2014)
Chapter 6: Roddy’s Card Is Marked (posted Tuesday 11th March, 2014)
Chapter 7: I Want To Be Alone (posted Tuesday 18th March, 2014)
Chapter 8: Juliette Victor Bravo (posted Tuesday 25th March, 2014)

End of Reordering

Chapter 9: Distributing The Winnings (posted Monday 7th April, 2014)
Chapter 10: Esme Remembers (posted Saturday 12th April, 2014)

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